Camille Cabanes (b. 1988) is a French visual artist who masters several disciplines and has worked on a range of media, including: painting, paper sculptures, drawing, brass jewelry, videos and installations.

She is the first artist who has joined Mansour Martin to work on several art projects for the brand.

“Her universe is very rich, elegant, with a multitude of fantastic characters. She has a sincere, authentic artistic approach, with lot of strength, sensitivity and a touch of humour. Her work was matching perfectly with the main themes of our firsts collections. She had immediately jump into our proposal to work together, even if the brand was not already launched. This is a very beautiful and friendly work team adventure. » Mansour Badjoko & Martin Liesnard

A summery parka had been created using a painting of Camille exclusively made for the collection. The idea was to “cut in the canvas” to create the pieces that make up the coat. The parka takes us into a dreamlike and colorful landscape where we will meet, at the back, a protective snake in a sunset light. The piece is made with 100% recycled polyester made with sea wastes. Sublimation printing method: no water used, at all. Made in France, on demand. Shop the item here

The knight print, echoes her series ‘Contemporary Archaeology’, for which she drew inspiration on Hercules and ancient Greek pottery aesthetic, with a naive twist and an urban pop approach. You can find it on an oversized shirt, made in France with organic fabric cotton from Spain. Handmade printed in Brussels.

Discover her work here