Benoit Bethume is working on a project that evolves saison after season, as a common thread through the different look books of the brand.

A series of portraits, photographed in black and white, whose male cast consists of models from the collection, joined by other people to illustrate Mansour Martin’s masculinity exploration and « genderless » approach.
They are all faces of Brussels, of a generation. Creative or academical faces including young actors, stylists, students, dancers and also random encounters…

This project is in constant evolution.

A photographic project which conveys the values shared by Mansour Badjoko, Martin Liesnard and Benoit Bethume: diversity, human being at the heart of creation and natural beauty. But it is also a true Belgian history, since the three creatives are all from the country.

Benoit Bethume is a Belgian art director, stylist and photographer.
He works with Mansour Martin on the art direction, styling and photography of all the look books projects.