Environmental and social responsibility is a core value since we created the project.
Our main ethos is a desire to produce clothing using innovative, sustainable and ethical practices.

Our commitments:
*A responsible production: all clothes are produced in limited quantities to avoid overproduction
*Transparency: we believe it's essential to communicate on the origin of the clothes we produce and their composition
*Made in Europe: all our products are exclusively made in France, Belgium and Portugal by ateliers & manufacturers who share the same standards. Limiting carbon footprint
*Quality: durability and strength of all our materials, whether they are eco-friendly or not. We attach importance to the finishing touches.
*Use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials (75% of our collections) GOTS and OKEO-Tex 100 certified: organic cotton, cruelty-free silk, natural dye, natural wool.
*Innovative fabrics with waterless production processes
*Recycling and upcycling
*Savoir-faire: by supporting traditional savoir-faire and passionate artisans, we act in favour of the essential transmission of knowledge.
*Sustainable packaging
*Support to ethical and social associations

We are constantly looking for innovation and searching for new production methods & materials. We are fully committed to becoming eco-friendly at every step of our production and every level of our daily operations.

If you are interested in working with us or in helping us to discover new solutions linked to sustainability in fashion, don’t hesitate to reach us at: