Why produce new fabrics when you can recycle old ones and offer them a second life?
We have decided to use recycled jersey for most of our sweaters. We have found this French supplier offering a soft and beautiful jersey, mixing recycled cotton with recycled polyester.
For our outerwear range, we have found this incredible recycled polyester made from sea waste, which can easily be printed with vibrant colours.
We also use recycled wool from England for our tailoring range.


On our Brussels strolls, we like to hunt down old rolls of fabrics in antique shops to give them a second youth and offer limited editions products.


When choosing fabrics, we try to favour natural fibers over petroleum-based synthetic fibers.

Our tailored pieces are all made with 100% natural wool.
Our wool comes from one of the oldest wool mills in Italy with the 13th generation of the same family at the helm, Vitale Barberis Canonico (1663). They pride themselves in selecting the highest quality merino wool from Australian breeders. They even created a Wool Excellence Award and Club, only working and rewarding breeders respecting the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) guidelines for Animal Welfare. 


For our “uniform” shirts, we use a 100% certified organic cotton.

For our cotton outerwear, we use ‘Ventile’, a 100% organic cotton made in Switzerland by the manufacturer STOZ with PFC free (hazardous chemicals substances) water-repellent treatment.
Legend has it that it is a fabric invented by the British textile industry to enable Royal Air Force pilots to survive in icy water (landing or being thrown out of the cockpit) during the Second World War. Great explorers also employed this resistant material, such as Edmund Hillary for his ascent of Everest in 1953!
This fabric has fabulous characteristics: it’s comfortable, totally weatherproof, windproof and water repellent. It is also highly breathable, very long lasting and offers an ideal balanced climate control. Cosy and warm when it's cold outside and cool when it's warm. Ideal for an urban and active life !


We have found the perfect innovative process to recycle polyester for our Outerwear in the duo of two innovative companies based in Spain and Portugal.

The Spanish one is a collaborative community fighting plastic pollution for a cleaner ocean. They collect plastic waste from the Mediterranena sea coming mainly from plastic bottles and fishnets.
Our Portuguese supplier creates 100% recycled polyester yarns from these plastic wastes and transforms them into this super cool outerwear fabric. They also use a waterless printing method to add colours or to print patterns, possibilities are endless!

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