Mansour et Martin approached the French artist Julien Colombier, who created a pastel drawing representing a landscape of “meteorites”, giving rise to the exclusive print of the FW20 collection. The printed fabric is made in recycled polyester coming from sea waste. The printing process is also innovative and eco-friendly using a zero-water method.
This print is available on a bomber jacket, a casual tee and a fishnet long sleeves tee-shirt.

Julien Colombier is a French Contemporary artist, born in 1972, who lives and works in Paris. Julien works mainly with acrylics and oil pastels, with a preference for working on vast sheets of paper or directly on the wall. His work is strongly influenced by the world of graffiti, Japanese art, Matisse and Keith Haring. Colombier’s art incorporates various graphic techniques including chalk, paper, canvas and paint to produce shadowy, suggestive compositions that interweave flowers, plants and trees.
Influenced by his background in skateboarding culture, Colombier often integrates his designs onto large scale murals and urban spaces.
His work was featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including Le Feuvre & Roze (Paris), Kolly Gallery (Zurich), Bookmarc gallery (Tokyo).

Discover his work here / Instagram: @juliencolombier