Before launching Mansour Martin, we embarked on an exploratory tour of Europe to discover sustainable and innovative solutions. From start-ups to historical manufacturers, if you look well around you, you will find plenty of talents in Europe with wonderful projects. These passionate men and women are shaping a new generation that strives every day to make fashion better.

We endeavour to show a wide panorama of these solutions in each of our collections.


The environmental and social responsibilities are an integral component of the Mansour Martin project. Our desire and mission is to create responsible clothing, using natural and innovative fabrics, limiting our carbon footprint whilst respecting ethical practices and preserving craftsmanship. To respect our people and our planet, we are committed to:

We believe it's essential to communicate on the origin of the clothes we produce and their composition.

All our products are exclusively made in France and Belgium by ateliers & manufacturers who share the same standards.

Durability and strength of all our materials, whether they are fully eco-friendly or not. We attach importance to the finishing touches.

Use of natural fibers and recycled / upcycled materials.

We offer a wide range of timeless garments, the Mansour Martin “uniform” range so you don’t get out of fashion in 6 months.

We’ve stopped producing stock for our online store to avoid leftovers and destruction. Instead, we’re offering a handmade to order service to our clients.

By supporting traditional savoir-faire and passionate artisans, we act in favour of the essential transmission of knowledge.

Support to ethical and social associations.

We are constantly looking for improvement, for innovation and searching for new production methods & materials. We are fully committed to becoming sustainable at every step of our creation & production processes and every level of our daily operations.

If you are interested in working with us  or in helping us to discover new solutions linked to sustainability in fashion, don’t hesitate to reach us at

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