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3.Panorama of sustainable solutions

MWORKS is a laboratory brand dedicated to sustainability, fashion, and art where artists, designers, experts, and other fashion creatives come together to explore the possibilities and to think about a fair and respectful fashion. Inspired by the evolution of modern ways of living, architecture, and contemporary cultures’ blend, MWORKS creates a conscious and sustainable wardrobe combining hybrid and artisans details with playful proportions.

Based in Paris, MWORKS took its name from the letter “M” which is the common first letter of each of its 3 initial founders: Marie, Mansour, and Martin. The project has been founded in 2019 by the creative duo Mansour Martin (Mansour Badjoko / Martin Liesnard) joined by Marie Bernet who is working on the global development.

Solutions and innovations are sourced in Europe and Japan.
The clothes are made in France, Poland, and Belgium.